Alex Wright is a Louisville singer/songwriter with a passion for making music and performing. New release, “Starlight Navigator,” released January 2014.


A multi-instrumentalist with a voice that conjures up comparisons with Ryan Adams and Van Morrison among others, ALEX WRIGHTʼs highly anticipated second studio album, Starlight Navigator (Jan. 2014/Jim White, producer) released to considerable acclaim across all mediums throughout his home city of Louisville, KY. Tagged “a live show not to be missed” with his band The Maven Down, he garnered top album picks from both 91.9 WFPK and the LEO Weekly plus Singer/Songwriter of the Year from the Louisville Music Awards.

Performing in churches since age four, Alex grew up around music with his family in eastern Kentucky. He continued making music with friends and family into his teens in Appalachia, learned to harmonize with anyone and came to appreciate the simple joy of playing music around a table. Those early musical influences of gospel, folk and rock have become a hallmark of his songwriting and urban roots sound.

Alex began writing music with his first band in high school, a passion honed throughout his adult life including his medical school and residency training years. In early 2001 he migrated to New York City, where the long subway rides gave him the time and space to think about songwriting. He was musically energized by such a vibrant living city, one he visits often and that ʻstill feels like homeʼ. By 2009 heʼd landed in Louisville, a city whose rich, independent music culture inspired two albums and numerous collaborations along with a steady repertoire of performances ranging from solo/acoustic to nine-piece collective. A ʻphysician musicianʼ, current projects include a third album in the works called Patient, partnership in a medical education program in Haiti, and performing with the Louisville Music Service Coalition, whose mission is “to inspire and empower service to the community through music”.


Winner of the 2014 Singer/Songwriter for the  Louisville Music Awards.

#35.  Alex Wright – Starlight Navigator


““Starlight Navigator” is an album stacked with ideas but not crowded by them. Wright and his voice have the spotlight, which lets the stories about people staring down a choice between light and dark develop cleanly. His sound, a spin on Americana that leans more toward city than country, is gently tweaked by White’s spare use of atmospherics.” It’s a record that sounds as if it were made by people, not machines, and those can be surprisingly hard to come by.”

– Jeffrey Lee Pucket, music writer/editor, The Courier-Journal

“The new album from Alex Wright, Starlight Navigator, has been in my car’s CD player on repeat for a month now. Every time I listen to it I hear something new. I’ve been so caught up in the richly layered and textured sounds and melodies that I’m just now getting to the lyrics which are also wonderful! I can’t wait to get this album on the radio asap!”

Laura Shine, 91.9 WFPK on-air host & asst. program director

“I played Louisville a while back. The club owner told me there was a doctor opening for me. I rolled my eyes, expecting a vanity act. Instead I heard a razor sharp band delivering rousing Americana with punchy lyrics and above all, world class vocals. Man that Alex Wright can sing! I had just begun producing and was reluctant to offer my services. Thankfully I spoke up, and had a lovely time collaborating on an engaging, complex record with a true artist.”
Jim White, singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer

“If singer-songwriter is your thing, Kyle James Hauser’s “You a Thousand Times” and Alex Wright’s “Starlight Navigator” are a must for your mix. Wright not only walked away with a Louisville Music Award, but his live show is not to be missed. He never wastes the opportunity, much of the time having upwards of eight to 10 folks backing him up. It’s a big sound, and the music will creep into your head.”
December 1, 2014
Kyle Merideth

“Alex Wright’s music incorporates a deep sense of melodic structure, lyrical storytelling and a bit of irony thrown in for good measure.” —Marion Dries, WFPK 

Louisville Magazine Dec 2014 issue

“Alex Wright’s second album shines with depth and inevitable musical maturity. Wright’s gospel music influenced upbringing in eastern Kentucky seeps through the harmonies on ‘American Fall’ and more so with Ollabelle joining on ‘Life and Living’. It’s this sincerity in the project, in the music, in every lyric, track, and live performance that makes Wright’s music important. His synergy with audiences and the talent with which he surrounds himself on stage brings an added layer of depth to his music only a live performance can deliver. This is solid stuff, and an artist whose third project I already anticipate. Until then, let’s bask in the new.”
Jason Sitzes, Insider Louisville

“From a slow start to a strong finish of Rock and Roll, complete with a broken string and hand clapping audience, Alex Wright is like Ryan Adams with a Red Bull or 6.” – Tabitha Hernandez,